Frank Scholze gained experience in Germany and founded his own piano factory in the Šluknovsko region in 1876. Later, Scholze’s high quality pianos sold well both locally and abroad - in South Africa, Argentina, Mexico, Uraguay, Turkey, and throughout Europe. Today, PETROF still produces Scholze pianos, making active commercial use of the name. The Scholze pianos use the keys counterweight technology of the PETROF piano to balance the keys and reduce the pressure on the piano, making it easier for the player to control the bounce and speed of the keys. The Scholze grand pianos, designed by experienced piano masters, have the sound and the touch of the excellent large concert hall grand pianos.

The SCHOLZE PIANO brand was founded in 1876 by Frank Scholze

Frank Scholze


For professional piano players, this series of pianos, regardless of size, can give players and audiences the shocking feeling of being in a concert hall. There are 4 models in this series, and there are multiple colors for customization. These grand pianos not only attract customers with their own excellent acoustic performance, but also can be used in interior design spaces or music halls.